Little Kids Instruments is proud to offer Melissa and Doug Bubbles. 

Nothing delights toddlers more then floating bubbles they can chase, catch, and pop! The Melissa and Doug bubble line of products has it all: high quality bubble solution, a variety of bubble sets and accessories such as the musical bubble themed sets, and charming little characters. Bubble solution is included with every product. 

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Melissa & Doug Toys 
What parents are saying .....

We love our Melissa and Doug Bubbles!

"Our son is obsessed with bubbles these days, so we've tried quite a few different brands of bubbles. Melissa and Doug Bubbles are the best quality we have seen, blowing a lot of bubbles at one time. Thank you!"

Consumer Review

"Melissa and Doug bubbles are by far the best we have ever used. I highly recommend this brand to anyone who has young children who love bubbles."

Consumer Review

"You can't go wrong with the Melissa and Doug bubbles trumpet! This bubble trumpet produces dozens of small bubbles with each blow, and it hoots as well. Our grandson loves this product."

Consumer Review
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Melissa and Doug Puzzles | Instruments

Augie Alligator loves making music. Kids can blow into the tip of his tail to make this sax-shaped whistle sound . . . and that's only half the fun: Dip Augie in bubble solution (included) and he blows bubbles, too. 

It looks like a flower from the garden, with two little ladybugs climbing up the stem. But dip the petals in bubble solution and give a blow, and this bubble trumpet whistles and bubbles to life.
Melissa and Doug Puzzles | Vehicle
Melissa and Doug Puzzles | Farm Animals

Whistles as you blow bubbles! This bubble snake comes with high-quality bubble solution and charming Sunny Patch character
Melissa and Doug Puzzles | Zoo Animals

Make bubbles and whistles galore. It's so easy to do with this clever bubble blower: Simply dip Bollie Ladybug in a tray full of bubble solution, then lift and blow. It's a great way to strengthen oral motor skills and simplify bubble-blowing for beginners

Melissa and Doug Puzzles