Little Kids Instruments is proud to offer Melissa and Doug Toys. 

​Melissa and Doug is an American manufacturer of high end classic and educational toys. The company was founded by Melissa and Doug Bernstein in their basement in 1988 and has grown worldwide ever since. The line offers something for everyone with over 2,000 innovative products for children of all ages. 

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Melissa and Doug Toys | Sound Puzzles
We've got the beat! Our exceptional box band sets and musical instruments will set feet tapping. These quality crafted instruments are useful for all levels of musicians.
Melissa and Doug Toys | Musical Instruments
Melissa and Doug Toys | Bubble Instruments
The most effective sources of early learning are immediate, meaningful, and involve children's discovery and choice. Bubbles not only involve children in learning, but they are fun, easy to use, and ever-changing


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Melissa and Doug Toys | Shape Sorters
Toy Pianos promote eye-hand coordination as well as help your little one develop musical creativity. Piano playing develops creativity, social interaction, enhances motor skills, and promotes self-esteem. 
Melissa and Doug Toys - Coloring Books
Coloring is a fun activity for children of all age groups. It is a great educational tool that stimulates the overall development of a child. Melissa and Doug Coloring Books are a great learning activity for your child.
Toy Piano - Teddy Bear
This selection of toys are designed to promote key skills through play. Whatever toy you choose, you can feel confident that these toys will enhance your child's playtime learning.
Melissa & Doug Toys 
What parents are saying .....

We love our Melissa and Doug Toys!

"We purchased the Toy piano for our son to help him begin to learn how to play music. This piano makes it so easy for him with the color code system. The look on his face when he plays is priceless!"

Consumer Review

"Melissa and Doug toys always deliver! The shape sorter gets tons of use at our house and has held up great."

Consumer Review

"Melissa and Doug sound puzzles are a great educational toy. Our daughter loves them. They are great for motor skills development and sound recognitions. Bravo Melissa and Doug!"

Consumer Review
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Find the perfect puzzles for kids of every age! Both kids and parents will enjoy these wooden puzzles. Melissa and Doug sound puzzles keep kids engaged as they build fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problems solving skills & more. 
Melissa and Doug Toys | Shape Sorters
Shape sorters are classic toddler favorites, and with good reason: their a fun challenge. By figuring out how to drop each piece into it's proper hole, kids learn to categorize and eventually name shapes. 

Melissa and Doug Toys | Role Play Sets
Give dress up playtime a creative boost with these inspiring costumes. Melissa & Doug role play sets encourage creativity and teach skills your child will use for years to come.
Melissa and Doug Toys - Stacking Blocks
Building developmental skills is simple with our wide selection of blocks! Promote motor skills and creative development with cardboard or wooden blocks. Melissa and Doug's durable blocks allow children to experience constructive play at it's best. 
Melissa and Doug Puppets
Full of personality, just waiting to be animated, these hand crafted character and animal hand puppets are ready to star in your puppet play!