Musical Christmas Gifts | Jingle Wrist Bells
Musical Christmas Gifts | Sleigh Bells
Musical Christmas Gifts | Holiday Lighted Sticks
Music is an integral part of the holiday season! Music inspired activities at parties and with your family can be both educational and entertaining. A great way to celebrate on this holiday is to incorporate some Musical Christmas Gifts into your day.

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This Christmas Stocking filled with musical toys is the perfect choice for your little rockstar! Contains: 2 Kazoos, 2 Noesflutes, 1 Pair of Maracas, 1 Wrist Bells, 1 Slide Whistle, 1 Plastic Flute and 1 Castanet.
Brightly colored Christmas wrist/ankle bells are quality made in the U.S.A. Easily attached with Velcro sewn into the band allowing bells to be used on any size wrist or ankle
Premium-quality Christmas Sleigh bells are mounted on a sturdy wooden handle to provide rich, full jingling sleigh bell sound
This package of green and red glow in the dark drumsticks are super fun for everyone. These holiday lighted sticks deliver an exciting light show effect
Musical Christmas Gifts | Stocking
Musical Christmas Gifts | Jingle Hand Bells
Sleigh Bells ring rich and full, for a true sleigh bell sound. A positive, ergonomic grip assures dynamic control.

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Musical Christmas Gifts | Children's Handbells
8-note bell set produces incredible crystal clear musical scale in (C to C). Bells are brightly painted with the name of note on each handle
Musical Christmas Gifts | Rockafeller Recorder Pack
The recorder is such a universal instrument that all kids love. Incorporate one of these Rockafeller Recorders into your Holiday festivities this year!
Musical Christmas Gifts | Lollipop Drums
Everyone loves a lollipop! This unique fun hand drum is a perfect gift idea for your child on Halloween. Your child will love this easy to hold lollipop design. Finally, a lollipop that will not rot teeth!
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Musical Christmas Gifts | Red & Green Shakers
This versatile little piano grows with your child! The main unit, decorated with a little Puppy dog, is perfect for toddlers. - Package includes My First Piano Adventure® Christmas Book A
Musical Christmas Gifts | Red & Green Shakers
Its easy to introduce your little one to rhythm and music with these colorful easy to hold egg shakers. These red and green shaker eggs are a perfect christmas party favor.
Musical Christmas Gifts
There is no better way to celebrate 
the holiday season with your kids than exploring fun musical activities! We have a great selection of musical christmas gifts. From christmas jingle bells to sleigh bells & hand bells our selection of musical christmas gifts will be the perfect addition to your holiday celebration!

Musical Christmas Gifts

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