St. Patricks Day Musical Gifts | Pot Of Gold Shakers
St. Patrick's Day Musical Gifts | Kids Bagpipes
St. Patrick's Day Musical Gifts | Irish Penny Whistle
Wheather you have a little luck of the Irish in you or not, St Patrick's Day is all about having fun! A great way to celebrate on this holiday is to incorporate some  St. Patrick's Day Music & Games into your day.

Here are some creative ideas on how to have some musical fun with your children on this festive day: 

Play a game of Find The Pot Of Gold! Hide one of our Pot of Gold Shakers (little cauldrons filled with yellow musical Egg Shakers) and have your child find it. How about some Green Egg Shaker Toss, which is a nice "no mess" alternative to the traditional game of egg toss. Having a St. Patrick's Day Party? Greet your guests with their very own pair of Green St. Patrick's Day Wrist Bells or a Green Kazoo. Our Shamrock Special would make a a great decorative table centerpiece at your party. This Green glittery top hat is filled with musical toys such an Irish Penny Whistle, a St. Patrick's Day Harmonica, a green recorder and much more! Play musical chairs to St Patrick's Day Music and give away a pair of Kids Bagpipes to the winner. When it comes to incorporating music into your St. Patrick's Day celebration, the options are endless!

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This Shamrock Special includes a colorful glitter top hat filled with St. Patricks Day Kids Musical Toys. Includes a green recorder, green egg shakers, Irish penny whistle, fife, Green wrist bells, a green harmonica, & sheet music for the tunes Michael Finnegan and Danny Boy! 
This Pot of Gold Shaker set includes a plastic cauldron filled with Yellow Egg Shakers. Appealing bright and colorful design. Perfect gift idea for your child this St. Patrick's Day!
These Kids Bagpipes are so cool. Have your little one play the part with their very own set of bagpipes this St Patrick's Day!
The Penny Whistle is very popular in the Celtic music of Ireland. This whistle is easy and fun to play and will be a great addition to your St. Patricks Day music celebration!
St. Patrick's Day Musical Gifts | Shamrock Special
St. Patrick's Day Musical Gifts | Fifes
These green plastic Fifes are a festive looking musical toy that your children can use to play along to St. Patrick's Day Irish music.

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St. Patrick's Day Musical Gifts | Green Egg Shakers
Once your child gets their hands on these brightly colored egg shakers they won't be able to put them down! Let's get shakin' this St. Patty's Day! 
St. Patrick's Day Musical Gifts | Green Recorder
The recorder is such a universal instrument that all kids love. Incorporate one of these Green Recorders into your St. Patty's Day festivities this year!
St. Patrick's Day Musical Gifts | Green Harmonica
Everyone loves a harmonica! This green Harmonica is a perfect gift idea for your child on St. Patrick's Day. 
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St. Patrick's Day Musical Gifts | Wrist Bells
Shake to any beat with these festive St Patrick's Day Bells. Just velcro them on to your wrists or ankles and get shaking!
St. Patrick's Day Musical Gifts | Green Kazoo
The Kazoo is a fascinating instrument that anyone can play. These green Kazoos are a perfect St. Patrick's Day party favor.
St Patricks Day Musical Gifts
There is no better way to celebrate 
St. Patrick's Day with your kids than exploring the world of Irish music! From Kids Bagpipes to Green Kazoos, our selection of Kids Musical Instruments will be a perfect addition to your St. Patrick's Day celebration!

St Patricks Day Musical Gifts

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