Kids Fiesta Party Guiro Scraper
Kids Fiesta Party Guiro Scraper
Kids Fiesta Party Tambourine
Kids Fiesta is a very popular party theme. And do you know what makes a good fiesta party? Music of course! There are so many wonderful ways to incorporate music into your little ones big day! 

Here are some creative ideas on how to do so: Greet your guests with their very own pair of Maracas. Use Bongos to make a great centerpiece for your food table. Include ShakersCastanets & Maracitos to your party favors. Play musical chairs to mariachi music and give away our Samba Party set to the winner. Set up a table with a sombrero in the middle surrounded with fiesta instruments ready for your guests to grab before heading out to the dance floor. When it comes to incorporating music into your Kids Fiesta Party the options are endless!

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This Fiesta party set includes six colorful and safe versions of traditional Latin percussion instruments. The variety of shapes and sounds will engage your children for hours of music making fun. 
This Guiro is made of plastic for increased durability. Easy to play, creates many sounds effects, and has a convenient mallet storage built in. Appealing bright and colorful design. Perfect for any Kids Fiesta Party!
The Rhythm Club bongos are so cool. Place them on the floor at your Kids Fiesta Party and the kids will take care of the rest! Featuring bright molded feet and bottoms for durablilty and sound projection
Our toy tambourines are a perfect addition to your Kids Fiesta Party. Perfect for little hands and easy for anyone to play!
Kids Fiesta Samba Party
Kids Fiesta Party Maracas
Brightly colored maracas have extra filling for loud, authentic sound. Perfect for group play at your Kids Fiesta Party

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Kids Fiesta Party Castanets
Once the guests at your Kids Fiesta Party get their hands on these brightly colored castanets they will have a hard time putting them down.
Kids Fiesta Party Tom Tom
This Tom Tom Drum is perfect instrument to play along to the music at your Kids Fiesta Party. With its easy-grip handle and mallet, and lightweight design, this drum sounds good and is easy to play.
Kids Fiesta Party Maracitos
This pair of Maracitos plastic egg shakers produce a nice and clean "chick-sound" perfect for to accompany any Mexican music at your Kids Fiesta Party.
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Kids Fiesta Party Animal Shakers
Percussion Animal-shaped Shakers Set of three colorful, animal shaped percussion shakers. Your Kids Fiesta Party guests will have fun keeping the beat with these unique percussion instruments!
Kids Fiesta Party Egg Shaker Pair
It's easy to introduce the little ones at your Kids Fiesta Party to rhythm and music with our delightful egg shakers! Each rugged plastic shaker is filled with beads that rattle with every shake--perfect for just shaking along to the Fiesta party music.
Kids Fiesta Party
A Kids Fiesta Party is all about fun, dance, laughter, and most of all music! No fiesta party is complete without including some traditional Mexican dances. So make sure you play the Macarena, get everyone out on the dance floor with some fiesta instruments and have some fun! Shop our wide selection below of instruments that are perfect for your kids fiesta party.

Kids Fiesta Party

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