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Bubble Machines, Fog Machines and Snow Machines can make a perfect addition to your child's party! Bubbles help to create a fun and festive atmosphere for birthday parties and other events. Our Fog machines can be used in a variety of ways including Halloween parties, theatre performances and dance parties. With our high powered snow machines you can make it snow anywhere, any time, in any weather! Why not add an extra element of fun to your next party with one of the products below.
Children's Party Supplies - Snow, Fog & Bubble Machines
Children's Party Supplies | Fog, Snow & Bubble Machines

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Flurry Snow Machine
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Create a powerful wintry effect! A blizzard of simulated snowflakes can be regulated by the included remote (with volume and timer control)
Lil Snow Blower Machine
A full-powered snow machine in a compact light-weight plastic case. 
Snow Fluid Gallon
1 Gallon of Snow Fluid
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Pro Bubble Machine
Blow 'em away with bubbles! Our high output BBL1 Bubble Machine creates an effect that will add excitement to any show! Small and lightweight, it features a hanging bracket and convenient front fluid tank.
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Mini Bubble Machine
A great small, inexpensive bubble machine that acts like a bigger bubble machine. Perfect for home and small party use! 
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Bubble Fluid

1 gallon. Professional, long-lasting bubbles! 
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Mini Fog Machine
Micro fog machine. Less is more with this little fogger! 1,500 cu/ft/min of thick fog! 
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Fazer Fog Machine
Combines the subtle, lighter fog effect of a haze machine with an economical standard fog machine. 
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Fantom Fog Machine
Don't be scared away by its small size! The Fantom Fogger has a big output for a small machine. 
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Fog Fluid Quart
Quart-size. Our high-quality fog fluid produces thick, white, clean fog! 
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Fog Fluid Gallon
2 Gallon Case. Our high-quality fog fluid produces thick, white, clean fog!
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