Witches Cauldren Shakers
Halloween Music | Lightning Sound Effect
Halloween Music | Lighted Drumsticks
Halloween is a holiday that is all about using your imagination and having fun! A great way to celebrate on this holiday is to incorporate some  Halloween Music & Games into your day.

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This fun filled Halloween Gift Bag is an excellent alternative to a candy filled one. This adorable jackolantern bag includes a pair of skull egg shakers, a silly lip whistle, an easy to play kazoo and a pumpkin recorder. 
This witches cauldron shaker set includes a plastic cauldron filled with orange Egg Shakers. Appealing bright and colorful design. Perfect gift idea for your child this Halloween!
This Thunder tube is a unique fun sound effect perfect for any haunted house. When this tube is shaken a realistic loud sound of thunder results. 
This package of green and orange glow in the dark drumsticks are super fun for everyone. These halloween lighted sticks deliver an exciting light show effect
Halloween Music Gift Bag
Halloween Music | Skull Egg Shakers
Colorful skull egg shakers are perfect for Halloween parties and favors. These rhythm egg shakers are not only fun but easy for anyone to play!

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Halloween Music | Glow in Dark Skull
This beadbrain skull egg shaker glows in the dark and is a great addition to any haunted house . Let's get shakin' this Halloween! 
Halloween Music | Pumpkin Recorder
The recorder is such a universal instrument that all kids love. Incorporate one of these pumpkin Recorders into your Halloween festivities this year!
Halloween Music | Lollipop Drums
Everyone loves a lollipop! This unique fun hand drum is a perfect gift idea for your child on Halloween. Your child will love this easy to hold lollipop design. Finally, a lollipop that will not rot teeth!
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Halloween Music | Rainmaker
This rainmaker stick is a fun and colorful toy that makes the sound of rain every time it is turned, making it an excellent graveyard or haunted house sound effect. 
Halloween Music | Colored Eggs
Its easy to introduce your little one to rhythm and music with these colorful easy to hold egg shakers. These orange and black shaker eggs are a perfect Halloween party favor.
Halloween Music
There is no better way to celebrate 
Halloween with your kids than exploring fun musical activities! From musical treat filled Halloween gift bags to glow in the dark skull egg shakers, our selection of Kids Musical Instruments will be a perfect addition to your Halloween celebration!

Halloween Music

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