8 Note Wood Xylophone
15 Note Wood Xylophone
8 Note Metal Xylophone
We take pride in our wide selection of Xylophones for Kids. Xylophones encourage early music making. This popular instrument also helps little ones develop a sense of accomplishment. The xylophone is a great tool to teach musical notes or just happy sounding noises. All of the xylophones we offer are from trusted brands and can be delivered to you within 2-3 business days.

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The Xylophone Whack Pack is ideal for solo fun, family time, or classroom use. Teaches the three primary musical elements; rhythm; melody; & harmony. 
This 8 note, one octave Xylophone has primary colored keys, with 6 learn-by-color song sheets included.
Kids learn to play by Color with this beautiful, 2 octave, solid Wooden Xylophone.
This 8 note Xylophone is specifically designed for primary grades using colorful bars to help children with note/color recognition.
Xylophone Whack Pack
Xylophone / Bell Set
Learn to play by Color with this beautiful, 2 octave, Xylophone with metal keys. 25 Keys G-G

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A perfect octave that's easy to play and carry around. Each tone is a different color, a different size, and has it's own name. A pair of plastic mallets are included. Songs and playing activities included - safe for ages +3 years.
Turtle Xylophone
An enchanting musical turtle that's sure to delight! Children will adore making music with this cute, colorful, character. 
Toddler Xylophone
Eight multi-colored, precision tuned bars give any toddler room to make bright, colorful sounds.
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Learn to Play Xylophone
More than an instrument, this first xylophone set is a child's best introduction to music.