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Boomwhackers C Major Diatonic Scale Set (BWDG) C Major Diatonic Scale- 8 tuned tubes Consists of 8 notes: C to C

Boomwhackers C Major Diatonic Scale Set (BWDG)

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$ 22.95

C Major Diatonic Scale- 8 tuned tubes Consists of 8 notes: C to C

Product Detail:

Boomwhackers are percussion tubes that are tuned and made from lightweight plastic. They are played by simply striking them, say with your leg, hand, a table, the floor, or just about anything! The neat thing is that depending on the surface you strike them on, they produce the same musical pitch even though the tone and volume will vary. Boomwhackers come in five different combinations.

·      The Pentatonic set includes six pitches: C', D', E', G', A', C".

·      The Diatonic set includes eight pitches: C', D', E', F', G', A', B', C".

·      The Bass Diatonic set includes seven pitches: C to B.

You can also order Chromatics and Bass Chromatics tubes to enhance and fill out the repertoire of your Boomwhackers.

·      The regular octave ranges in length from about 12" to 24".

·      The bass octave continues to a little over 48".

Each tube is labeled by note and each set comes with instructions and a reusable mesh tote bag. 

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